Check out Shawn at Mobilio’s Fitness. I started 10 weeks ago feeling overweight and overwhelmed. I was greeted by Shawn who was enthusiastic, professional and motivating. I soon learned that although the steps I had to take we’re my own, Shawn was walking with me. With the twice a week training/boxing and twice a week bootcamp I have exceeded my expectations and I am on my way to my personal goal with his help. I feel great! I was skeptical at first trying out a personal trainer but it was the best decision I’ve ever made. if you’re looking to get in shape and you need that extra motivation Shawn’s definitely the guy to go too!

Mike Skehan

Mike Skehan has been working with me for 2 months. This is his results. He said he feels great wakes up every morning and is so happy with his results. Shawn is the guy you want to make your fitness goals become reality.

Bryton Anderson

First day with him and I’m already in pain. So excited to start this journey to getting fit with Shawn. I love his passion for fitness and I feel very safe during the workouts. His energy and motivation help throughout the session. I’m very happy that I made the decision to go to him.

Ronnie Murr

Ive been going to shawn for about a month, twice a week now and I can’t get enough. My wife and I have started doing couple work outs on the weekends. In a months time I have lost 15 lbs and found a new found love for boxing. Ive searched far and wide and shawn prices and experience beats them all.

Christine Bello

Great guy… from the first day of training with Shawn until now I have changed… I love his passion and commitment… I wish I lived closer and worked less so I can go to him more… I am committed to change so that is why I drive an hour each way to train with Shawn…

Thomas Cribbin

The first time I remember meeting Shawn was in the Moore field house at Southern CT State University. I would go in to the gym to shoot around or run pick up games, and like clock work, he was the FIRST one in the gym every single time. He would have his iPod in, talking to himself while doing a million different drills. This was not somebody shooting around leisurely; he had a maniacal obsession with perfecting every aspect of his game. I guess it’s a microcosm for Shawn in general – he is NEVER satisfied, and will go through hell and back to perfect every aspect of a particular thing. Mediocrity has never been an option. Whether it’s meeting with teachers over and over again til he got an assignment right or doing the same basketball drill a million times til he had it down pat, this man is absolutely relentless.

I’ve never met someone with such drive and determination, and after I got to know him, his positive attitude towards life and contagious enthusiasm began to rub off on me. I called him 6 weeks into beginning law school telling him that I just couldn’t do it anymore. He refused to let me give up, and believed in me when even I no longer believed in myself. That conversation inspired me, and played a role in me graduating law school this May. With Shawn, there’s no B.S. What you see is what you get, and as they say in Italian, he has “il cuore di leone” (The heart of a lion)

Jennifer Marques Johansen

Shawn is a great trainer!!! very dedicated in his work. very positive and uses strong words of encouragement. very pleased with the work out plan. Highly recommended. looking forward to continue this great plan in working hard and staying fit!

Michael Ferrari

Hey, there! My name is Michael Ferrari, I’ve been friends with Shawn since middle-school, and currently I’m his graphic artist/web designer. A few things about Shawn, he’s genuine, he’s hardworking, and he gets results. The picture to the left doesn’t properly convey the changes I’ve gone through in the past few years. That is because before training, I was too embarassed to take pictures of myself. On the left, I am a whopping 235lbs. Needless to say, I was unhappy with myself.

On the right, after training, I weighed in at 190lbs! I was shedding fat left and right, toning up, and seeing big gains in my lifting numbers, and cardiovascular results. I went from an 11 minute mile, to a 7 minute mile in just one month of training. I am now down to 175lbs, continue to get stronger, faster, and most important, happier.

I can’t stress it enough, Shawn Mobilio is your man. When it comes to the website, Shawn tells me to let my creative juices loose, and do what comes naturally to me. That’s where the slogan on the front comes from, my honest to goodness opinion of Shawn. He will make you WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE.


There is no one that is more dedicated! Get strong, look better and feel great!

Dahlia Walker

Shawn Mobilio is the real deal. He is NOT the usual trainer. Personal Training is his passion, and he “practices what he preaches.” If you want results, you’ll get them – if you put the work in. He really enjoys helping people be their best and reach their training goals. His workouts are addictive and challenging, but definitely worth it, and you can’t help but want to work out with him. His enthusiasm, motivation, overall positive outlook on life are contagious! Check him out.

Theresa Lee

At half the cost and twice the commitment of a trainer at a corporate gym, training with Shawn is an easy decision. Fun, effective, and extremely motivating, his workouts are always different and always challenging. A great choice for both people just starting strength training or longtime lifters looking for new motivation!

Dominique Morgillo

Shawn is an amazing trainer. He will work one on one with you to get the results you want. He is very dedicated to what he does and pushes you to give it your all. No pain no gain! With his hard work and passion for fitness, you are sure to see results. You won’t regret working with him.

Barbara D’Agnone

If you want someone who is passionate about what they do, provides motivation, and treats you as an individual, Shawn Mobilio is the trainer for you. He makes you truly want to be a better person, mentally and physically! His smile and enthusiasm is infectious.

Charlie Elms

Been going only a few weeks and already seeing big results. He keeps you motivated and pushes you.

Shilpa Mehta

Best thing about training with Shawn is instant results!!

Kayla Marie

Shawn is not one of the best trainers I know… he is the best. If you want to see results he is your guy. He is dedicated, motivated and very inspirational, he will not let you down! Make an appointment with him and see for yourself, don’t miss out!!

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